The New Normal– A Dog’s Life

Something is going on in my house. I can feel it in my bones.

Usually, I’m just hanging out with mom during the day while Dad is at the office. Mom and I take walks and play in the backyard– I love to fetch balls and hunt for chipmunks. Sometimes, I get to play with my canine friends like Gypsy, Skye and Farley. While Mom works at the kitchen table, I nap on the window seat. I keep one eye open in case some of my friends wander by. A few times a month, Mom and I go on pet therapy visits to hospitals, schools and day care facilities. Seeing all those special people and helping them to feel better is the best part of my week! Overall, my life has been pretty good…

But lately, everything seems different. I’m not sure what’s happening.

Dad is now working at home so he’s in the house all day. Dad mostly stays upstairs in his office but in the late afternoon he takes me out for an adventure. We go to our nearby lake and Dad roller blades while I run next to him on my leash. What fun!fullsizeoutput_5b22

My sister is now back in the house and she has taken over mom’s office at the kitchen table. My sister wears headphones and talks to her computer a lot. But while she’s not working, she gives me lots of love and attention. My sister calls me “Smushie” and is constantly taking photos of me, which I don’t mind too much. (Mom laughs and says I’m going to be on Instagram again, which I guess is a good thing– but I’m not sure…) My sister also likes going outside when she needs a break from work, and then I get an extra walk!

My brother, who lives far away, also came home to stay with us. I’ve really missed him– he hasn’t been here in a long time. My brother loves petting me and burrowing his head in my fur… sometimes he lays down on my dog bed and snuggles with me. I am so happy when my brother throws me the ball and the two of us get a little wild.

IMG_0954Meanwhile, there is a lot of activity in our playroom. A few nights ago, my sister led an exercise class– she was shouting instructions to people on her computer screen. Mom and Dad were doing the exercises too. I was hoping to take my post-dinner nap, but there was too much commotion for me to sleep. So, I decided to join the class, but the only move I could do was the “downward dog.” Whew– what a workout! Not sure I can keep up this pace…

Another new thing is happening. Instead of a few canine friends passing our house each day, now there are dozens of families with dogs parading by all day long. I wait and watch at my window seat, trying so hard to contain myself… but I cannot stop barking because the dogs are everywhere and I think it is one big doggie play group! My family is not amused at my constant barking.

I’ve also noticed that Mom is wearing funny blue gloves and she keeps wiping down countertops, doorknobs, faucets and the refrigerator door with a towel. What’s with all the cleaning? And, someone in my family is always at the sink washing their hands. They must be very dirty from playing outside with me all the time… fullsizeoutput_5aae

I overheard my mom and dad talking about the “Coronavirus.” They don’t seem to like it very much. Still, I love having my entire family around me. I get petted and snuggled all day and night, and I get to play outside and take lots of walks. I really do miss my pet therapy visits, but Mom says we can’t do our visits for a while until the Coronavirus threat is over. I feel badly because I know all my friends are probably disappointed that I’m not with them, and I miss bringing joy to their lives. At least I am trying to be a wonderful pet therapy dog to my family. I think I am doing a good job of comforting them and helping them to relax and breathe. fullsizeoutput_5a36

I’m not sure what this Corona thing is. I just know that I’m getting more attention, more snuggles, and that everyone I love is by my side 24-7… I am exhausted from all the walks, hikes and backyard frolics, but I am not complaining. I know I am one lucky boy.

Love, Casper

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