Lake Life

My husband and I are lake people. Our spirits are most alive here; our souls are at peace. We are relaxed, yet invigorated. This quintessential balance allows us to be our best selves.

migissunsetPerhaps this lakeside love affair began in our youth, as we both attended sleepaway camp in beautiful, idyllic lake settings. We now own a camp on a quiet lake in Massachusetts. We have spent the past 25+ years vacationing in the lakes region of Maine. This summer we have rented a house on Moose Pond in Bridgton, Maine, which feels like the perfect pandemic antidote.

As we near the end of our lakeside sojourn, I have been contemplating what, specifically, about the lake I find so appealing. As I write these musings from our screened-in porch, I soak in panoramic views of the lake, still covered in early morning fog. By 7:30 am, the fog will lift and the far shoreline, capped by Pleasant Mountain, will be visible.


I take it all in. The tall pines surrounding our property, blanketing pathways with their soft needles. The lake is a flat sheet of glass– ideal water ski conditions. The hammock rests invitingly under a nearby shady tree. I listen to the sounds of morning: the birds softly chirping, gentle waves lapping the shore and the whir of an occasional motor boat. My husband is out on an early fishing excursion and the rest of the household is sleeping. The world is still. I am breathing in solitude, serenity and peace. The lake provides a natural meditation.


The lake is like glass in the early morning…

I enjoy quiet time reading in my dockside chair and lazily watching the boats pass by. As the day wears on, I will partake in the plentiful activities at our doorstep: canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, water skiing, swimming, cruising in the pontoon. It is a full, active day on the lake. I am energized.

The water is crystal clear, cool and refreshing. You can see straight through to the bottom of the lake where soft sand, smooth rocks and moss hug the floor. A swim in this fresh water invigorates– cleansing body, mind and soul.

As pristine as the lake is in early morning, it is even more majestic at night. In the evening, the rippling waves shimmer in the moonlight as loons cry out from across the water. We toast marshmallows in the campfire, tell stories, sing songs. It is magical. I cling to the joyful spirit and blissful calm that this setting instills in me. I am exactly where I need to be.


Moose Pond at sunset (unfiltered)

I close my eyes and deeply inhale the familiar and comforting pine scent. I feel the caress of a gentle breeze off the water as my soul stirs with profound gratitude. Welcome to the lake life.

Of note… the photo depicted on The Nest Re-Imagined cover page was taken on Sebago Lake in South Casco, Maine, about ten years ago, at sunset.





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