Road Trip– Part Deux

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I was given the best gift any mom could hope for– quality time with her children. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to take a long road trip with my young adult son, I jumped at the chance. (Note: The last time I wrote about a long road trip was four years ago, when my daughter and I drove 15 hours from New York to Nashville.)

Not the most glamorous of travel routes, to be certain, this latest road trip would take us from Mooresville, North Carolina to Armonk, New York, span approximately 663 miles and pass through seven states.

Fortunately, my son inherited his dad’s packing skills (earning him the nickname “Packman Jr,”) and had expertly filled every crevice of our Honda CRV with clothing, bedding, work files, printers and assorted household items he had amassed during a year in the Tar Heel state.


Packman Jr. expertly filled the car

Our 6:30 a.m. departure was typical “action” time for me, but not so much for my son. As could be anticipated, the trip began with some disagreement over music selection. Much to my surprise– and delight– we settled upon Tom Petty and actually listened to most of the Full Moon Fever album before my son fell asleep.

Stop #1 was about three hours into the drive at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Roanoke, Virginia. Coffee recharge for mom, accompanied by some surprisingly delicious egg white & turkey sausage breakfast sandwiches on multigrain flatbread. Unfortunately, the meals would go downhill from there.

The other big excitement in Roanoke, VA was son instructing mom in how to operate Cruise Control.  It now seems unfathomable that I’ve been driving for over four decades and had never before used this amazing car feature. After a brief tutorial, I was ready to roll and discovered cruise control to be a game-changer for a long drive on the open road!

After breakfast, my son went back to sleep. As the miles rolled on, I glanced over to find him curled up, fully enveloped in a “pillow fort” with his baseball cap pulled halfway down over his head. I felt a pang of  nostalgia, recalling the days when my sweet, innocent, little boy regularly conked out in cars, at dinners out, at the beach, or anytime and anywhere he felt tired. Just then, Crosby Still Nash & Young’s Teach Your Children came on the radio, and I smiled at the irony of the perfect song playing at this moment. How had this small boy suddenly become a full-grown adult man? Where had the years gone? fullsizeoutput_4b36


Stop #2 was for a gas fill-up and an eagerly-anticipated lunch at Chick-Fil-A in Winchester, Virginia. I had fond memories of eating at this establishment about 10 years prior during our daughter’s soccer tournament in Virginia Beach. What I neglected to factor in was that, during my prior visit to Chick-Fil-A, I was still eating fried foods and gluten. Nowadays, both mom and son are very healthy eaters, so instead of ordering the restaurant’s famed chicken nuggets & waffle fries, we opted instead for market salads, which basically consisted of wilted greens covered with ice cold chicken strips and a few overripe berries. A huge disappointment, to be sure. Fortunately, we had a large bag of Terra chips to supplement the meal.

At this point, my son (whom I thankfully discovered is an excellent driver!) took over the wheel and I settled into the cozy pillow fort to relax. I was torn between wanting to maximize our mother-son bonding time with needing to catch up on my sleep. I opted for a brief nap. We then talked, listened to music and rode in peaceful silence. I realized that the best part about traveling with my son across all these miles was just being  in the moment, feeling his comforting presence beside me.

I knew it would be a long while before we would have another opportunity to spend 12 straight hours together, so I wanted to relish this time. We continued through the remainder of Virginia, then West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, making a final pit stop in the town of Hamburg. Then it was on to conquer New Jersey and New York.

We entered the last leg of our road trip. Despite being tired and sweaty, with aching backs and legs, I wasn’t quite ready to get out of the car, knowing that our ride together would soon be coming to a close. If life is about the journey– and not the destination– then I would have to say that we successfully mastered this chapter…. although I think both mother and son were happy to arrive at home in time for dinner– and the NBA playoff games!

fullsizeoutput_4b33Our road trip in a nutshell:

1 mom, 1 son, 1 jam-packed Honda CRV, 663 miles, 1-1/2 tanks of gas, 2 coffees for mom, 1 tasty meal & 1 crappy meal, good tunes, cruise control, 7 states, 12 hours travel time in car together… priceless.

A Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.



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