beach glass

There’s something about beach glass that harkens back to the simple happiness of childhood… fond memories of sun drenched hours playing on the beach… running back and forth to the water to cool off… building sand castles… collecting seashells and continually searching for the perfect piece of beach class… without any cares in the world.

Each piece of beach glass is unique… the surface rubbed silky smooth, from years spent churning in the wild seas… how fortunate we are that these beautiful bits of history have washed up on our shores… the color palate is soft and subdued… dark green, brown, clear, and occasionally, a rare piece of turquoise.

Now, years later, I still relish walking barefoot down the beach, my toes taking comfort in the soft, white sand, the sun fading in the sky.  I am filled with peace and gratitude…

Something catches my eye in the sand below. I look down at my feet and smile with childlike euphoria… it is a piece of the elusive turquoise blue beach glass. I am instantly transported back to my childhood.  I pick up this rare treasure and celebrate.  Pure, unadulterated joy.


Beach glass from Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara, CA

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